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Performance and development – our commitments since 1984!

Kreno Consulting helps you ask the right questions, supporting you in the search for the best solutions for your particular situation. No “ready-made” tools, no “one-size-fits-all” method: from the beginning to the end of the project we will work together using our shared analysis, the best procedures and the right tools for you. Together we follow how our recommendations are applied and we stay with you until the project is complete.

Career counselling in 3 areas of expertise

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With 30 years of consulting experience in the Management of People and Organisations, Kreno Consulting applies its skills around 7 keys to company success and supports organisations in putting them into practice.
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Recruiting a new collaborator is a fundamental act of management and is always delicate, since it is a commitment to the future. Turning to an expert means accepting that you might not always be best placed to make Executive Search decisions yourself!
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Pressure and the need for results weigh down on companies and reveal the need to “develop skills”. But after the hopes raised, the actual results on completion of the training are often seen as disappointing in comparison with the investments made. Our commitment to efficiency is not based so much on our ability to transmit knowledge, as on triggering new, lasting and successful practices.
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Based on listening and a transferential relationship, coaching is an intersubjective process adopted by individuals who decide to turn to a contact advisor for assistance in their personal development.

Working together to improve performance

We are committed to working with you in all the important moments in the life of your company, and to share with you all the areas of expertise of our team.