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Career counselling

Consulting in Management of People and Organisations


Since 1984 at Kreno Consulting we have defined our mission as Consulting in the management of people and organisations.

Our commitment: “Working together for better performance!” is expressed through activities aiming to:

Reinforcing vision and strategic choices

Although it is less often mentioned in these uncertain times, a company’s project assumes real importance if managers want to get the full mobilisation, commitment and performances from their teams.
What is at stake lies as much in the elaboration as in the communication of the project. It demands a complete view of the company culture, formal expression of the strategy to be applied, and of the role to be played by staff in the construction phase.

Optimising organisation and processes

When new issues arise, companies need to adapt their organisations, optimise the way the work and rethink their characteristic processes.
Political and strategic choices, as well as action plans and organisation (defining tasks and assignments, etc.) should be reinvented to meet all the challenges and pursue the constant search for efficiency. Our contribution here is to bring you our experience of similar situations and to play the role of a “sparring partner”.

Managing change

Faced with the demand for efficiency, as well as the need to continually adapt yourself to the issues arising in your industry, you must have a clear vision of the skills that will be vital to you in the short and medium term. We bring you our ability to advise you in refining your skills development policies (from conception to action plans) with the aim of reducing the gap between your needs and your existing human resources in advance. Our commitment is to define the development capacities of your employees, as well as their “employability”, before providing them with our support for careers in which they are the active players.

Improving performance

Performance is the watchword of management culture and the main issue at stake for all concerned. But what level of performance should be aimed at, how can we reach it and how long will it take? Since performance is the result of a subtle blend of strategic choices, of the means put in place and of the “managerial touch”, do you have the objective indicators enabling you to correctly combine these parameters in the organisation and to measure your performance?

Managing talents

The ability of firms to attract and hold on to talented staff has become one of the financial indicators taken into account by investors to decide whether they will commit themselves to a company. Managing talents means looking for potential both inside and outside the company. But do you know your own talents and are they managed as the market demands? And do you have the right tools to attract and keep the talents who will help you shape the future? To attract, manage, get the most out of and keep talented staff is a complex equation that requires tools that go beyond the role of HR, such as the company’s image, public awareness, the content of work and management culture.

Bringing teams together

Who hasn’t heard the comment that the teams (the Generation Y staff, etc.) lack motivation? Have we forgotten that bringing together and motivating teams, like giving them a sense of responsibility and meaning in their work, is exactly what is meant by “management”? Making sure that your managerial approach embodies your vision, developing the required skills, ensuring the teams are with you, while recognising the worth of individuals – all this is not easy. But isn't it vital to make an objective appraisal of management efficacy before making an action plan whose goal is optimal involvement in your project?

We are committed to giving you our support in all the important moments in the life of your company and to putting at your disposal all the areas of expertise of our consultants.