Executive Search

Consulting in Management of People and Organisations

Executive Search 

The market context and the demand for results are behind the “war for talents”.

Whether you’re looking to hire a member of the executive committee, attract a manager to the company or a specialist, Executive Search is a vital step involving a long-term commitment for the company and the candidate.

Executive Search

An Executive Search consultant does not transmit CVs, but is a partner committed to goals, to taking the time to understand demands and specificities, and to bringing you support in an ethical way. He needs to continually re-evaluate his search and selection procedures, and must work as a professional, demonstrating the added value that his advice brings.

As well as the skills needed in sourcing and evaluating knowledge, the consultant brings added value through an ability to judge the right match between a candidate and a company’s project, and his commitment to key values.

Judging candidates’ employability means, of course, taking into account what they know, but even more grasping what elements will lead to an association working out in the long term.

Our social responsibility is also to inform the candidate what the company’s promises involve and to make sure that the position to be filled is adapted to the qualities he will bring.

We are focused on the quality of this three-way relationship, and committed to aiding the contact between players with the same projects and values to succeed!

Assessment center

Whether you want to improve company organisation or fill a vacancy by promoting from within, the time is not right to take chances, but calls for steps to make sure that your decision is based on an objective evaluation.

In fact, many companies today make use of assessment, giving more weight to facts than to impressions in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate or group, before making their diagnosis and settling on a plan of action. Conceived using a skills base, assessment leads to prioritising what should be considered as the required skills and the desired level of development. Arbitration is then carried out regarding the suitable form (recommended duration and individual or collective nature of the operation, etc.).

Two consultants (an active coordinator and an observer) take part in this exercise or succeed one another: individual presentations, concrete cases (contextual or In Basket assessment, simulation exercises), personality and / or aptitude tests and debriefing sessions. Assessment is a genuine “decision aid” for the company, and should be for the individual too, who will see it as the opportunity to benefit from a mirror effect showing how his strengths are appreciated and how he might progress.

Taking its legitimacy from this guaranteed objectivity, as well as from a wealth of information it provides to the company, assessment can only succeed when those receiving a negative answer can accept it and see it as a means to improve their work. For the company, as for the beneficiary, the quality of the presentation of results is no less important than the validity of the recommendations. Constituting a “moment of truth” in an individual’s career, assessment is a means to take stock and inspire a fresh start when it is carried out with fairness, neutrality and exacting standards by a professional.

The specificity of the Kreno Consulting approach to assessment derives from 30 years of practical work (recruitment, training and individual support) in the HR consultancy field.

We are committed to working with you in all the important moments in the life of your company, and to sharing with you all the areas of expertise of our team.