Consulting in Management of People and Organisations

conseil_carre Globalisation, new technologies, centralisation of decision-making, the war for talents and the demand for results are the sources of the increasing competition weighing down on organisations. There is a permanent challenge for management teams seeking to create values, optimise organisations and mobilise their staff!

Kreno Consulting’s mission is to help orient our clients, to provide them with a global offer in human resources. By focusing on your requirements and expectations, Kreno Consulting will bring you an analysis and a diagnosis to support your strategic management, to strengthen your team’s skills, to find or evaluate talent and to develop their potential. Through this support, we want to find solutions to the questions and ideas arising in your day-to-day work and that you put to our consultants:

  • Will we be more efficient, more operational and closer to our clients tomorrow? How can we win back the trust, dynamism and fighting spirit that are sometimes lacking in our teams?
  • Does our organisation have the keys to future success? Have we forged the tools for growth that will allow us to build our future?
  • What are the aims for our future operations and at what speed should they be put in place?
  • Are we using the right approaches so that our teams will get behind us in pursuit of change?
  • How will we attract, develop and win the loyalty of our staff tomorrow?
  • Do our teams have the necessary know-how… And what do they know, in fact, and how easily can they fit in to our organisation?

Questions such as these can be heard each year – questions to which we can offer customised solutions:

  • Adapted to and coherent with your strategies
  • In line with the constraints of your environment
  • In which your collaborators are the major players

We put people at the heart of our approach because we are convinced that individual and collective performances result from the development of human potential. Our 18 consultants, experienced men and women, with their varied and complementary skills, are your partners in building and supporting your teams in their successful careers.


Our team

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  • Consultants
  • Support Team


At Kreno Consulting we work as a partnership.
No less than 11 collaborators have chosen to become shareholders in the company. Our project brings together individual skills and creativity, as well as a collective performance. A 6-member Project Committee ensures harmonious coordination and supervision, and the search for efficiency.

Ethics and values

At Kreno Consulting performance criteria and the need for results go hand in hand with a real “ethical” aim.
Kreno Consulting strives to make this “ethical” dimension a reality both in its relations with clients / partners, and with the candidates and course participants we meet in the course of our activities.

While companies need to select a consultancy with care, Kreno Consulting does the same, making sure we share a system of values that is compatible with our clients.

Kreno Consulting guarantees our clients that we will use appropriate means and achieve our results with honesty and transparency.
We abide by the need for professional secrecy and only use any information that you pass on in order to carry out the task you have given us. We work independently of organisations and individuals, and take into equal consideration the interests of our clients and of our candidates or course participants. We exercise our profession in the respect of the fundamental rights of the individual. We are not infallible in carrying out our work, but we strive to call ourselves into question and to progress.

Kreno Consulting is a member of the Syntec Recruitment federation and is certified by the OPQCM, a state-recognised consultancy standards body. We are committed to preventing all forms of discrimination and to promoting equal opportunities for our candidates.


At Kreno Consulting, we believe in the human values that give a meaning to action, which is why we invite you to discover lp4y, a facinating, large-scale humanitarian project that originated in Manilla in 2009!

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