Aurélie Guinebretière

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Aurélie has been an HR consultant since 2001, beginning her career in HR consulting in Hungary, where in particular she recruited engineers and technicians on behalf of industrial and computer services companies.

Back in France, she was able to develop her recruitment skills in the mass consumer market and the construction industry for managerial and sales positions.

Aurélie has worked at Kreno Consulting since 2004, reinforcing her recruitment activity for managerial and negotiating positions.

At the same time, she has worked on projects aiming to strengthen the human potential of companies:

  • Coordination of Assessment Centres (internal mobility, promotions, etc.)
  • Organising individual professional support, mid-career interviews and skills assessments

Rigour, a liking for a job well done and exacting personal standards also characterise Aurélie’s commitment to “service” when working with her partners (companies and candidates or partners), to build efficiently and durably.