Barbara Le Verdier

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Barbara helped launch Kreno Consulting in 1984, and went on to undertake independent therapeutic work before focusing on “individual support and personal development” at Kreno Consulting from 2007.

Barbara studied at Sciences Po Paris, has a Master’s degree in history and is a qualified SFDG/GGCF graphologist. She completed her academic qualifications with a postgraduate diploma in clinical psychology.

Her dual experience as an HR consultant and a clinical psychologist bring to her work (behavioural coaching, support to managers taking up new jobs, mid-career interviews, skills assessments, etc.) a respect for rich and professional procedures.

Characterised by individualised high standards and personalisation, her work is distinguished by:

  • The “inner witness” approach (listening, benevolence and high standards) that she has adopted in order to bring out resources in the person concerned that have not yet been used sufficiently
  • The interactive aspect (mirror + resource), alongside a maieutic approach encouraging self-awareness, self-responsibility and activation

In contact with Barbara, the person concerned becomes an active subject, responsible for changing himself in the framework of structured processes (including exchanges, simulations, self-awareness tools, explicit expression of action plans, etc.) and benefits in return from a personal and professional support to bring new momentum.