Benoit Siaud

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A keen theatregoer and lover of contemporary history, Benoît graduated from Sciences Po Paris (qualified in Process Communication) and began his career in sales.
After 18 years in the sales and marketing divisions of major household goods brands, and an industrial environment, in 2005 Benoît began working as a consultant.
In the quest to raise team efficiency, he advises, supports, recruits and trains company directors, managers and operational teams with benevolence and high standards.
With boundless creativity, and recognised expertise in training design and development, Benoît is an educator recognised by the management teams that he advises in creating skills development programmes.
His operational experience in the context of change management is vital to him in forming his recommendations. Building on the vision of the company and its strategic approach, he aims to refine managers’ objectives, strengthen their leadership and help put in place an adapted managerial culture.
A keen mountain walker, Benoît knows that you can only reach the summit when every member of the roped party is trained and motivated – and the compass and altimeter are used correctly.