Dominique Delaporte

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Dominique founded Kreno Consulting in 1984.



Today he coordinates a team of 8 assistants and research managers + 18 senior consultants, helping companies that want to optimise the development of their staff and the efficiency of their organisation.

With thirty years of experience as a consultant, Dominque Delaporte works with undiminished passion on such issues as:

  • Consulting in organisations, matching staff with structures, change management…
  • Bringing support to management teams, coaching managers and designing skill-improvement projects
  • Executive search & recruitment for Middle Management positions
  • Organisation of projects to evaluate potential and appraisals

Dominique is a man of conviction with the ability to listen, who strives to help develop and share projects giving meaning to the activities of all involved. Alongside our ambitious partners, he is committed to improving results and performances with benevolence and high standards.