Lionel Ortel

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A senior consultant in HR (qualified in Executive Coaching at the Jouy-en-Josas research centre) and skills development, Lionel works on industrial sectors, mass-market retail or services, and particularly their marketing and sales organisations.

He mastered the workings of successful customer relations when alternating between marketing and commercial management positions in such market leaders as Jacquet, Lactalis or Dargaud.

It was at this time that he formed the conviction that the success of an organisation is based as much on its expertise in its business, its marketing strategy or its commercial efficiency as on finding the right balance between the motivations and skills of the people who work for it.

With his partners and in his contacts with the teams that he meets and advises, his approach brings together proximity, conviviality, rigour and objectivity.

A passionate fan of classical music and jazz, Lionel considers that a soloist is only as great as the talented musicians around him in an orchestra conducted by a convinced and genuine professional.