Loïc Lagrange

par / lundi, 10 février 2014 / Publié dans

Loïc began his professional career at university as an intern in recruitment firms where he helped in finding general candidate profiles, especially in market finance.

His experience enabled him to acquire his knowledge of companies, while familiarising himself with their professions and tasks, as well as with the skills they required.

Loïc joined Kreno Consulting in 2013, where he strengthened his sourcing skills (social networks, job boards, files), developed his ability to analyse careers and progressively learn the job of a headhunter. Loïc’s work is characterised by inventiveness, and he enjoys making approach scenarios easier and showing their efficacy in practice.

Loïc shows reactivity and organisation in assisting the consultants and clients with whom he works. With his natural curiosity, Loïc is a big fan of travel and literature.