Morgane Radureau

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Morgane worked as an intern at Kreno Consulting during her studies, when she obtained a master’s degree in Human Resources Management. She sought to reinforce her recruitment skills by joining the Recruitment management team, and to develop her ability to ensure and carry out her role as an intermediary, through the wealth of the positions to be filled in companies and the issues faced by employers and candidates needing to come together.

Now fully conversant with the aids and tools of the job (recruitment scenarios, networks and databases, social networks and job boards, etc.) that are the daily fare of the headhunting profession, Morgane has expanded her skills and today works with senior consultants on Executive Search assignments calling for skill and finesse.

Morgane is aware of the requirements of confidentiality and ethics linked to the job and enjoys assignments involving a degree of challenge. She works with commitment, rigour and method in the tasks confided in her.