Nathalie Cottenot

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Operational efficiency and contacts are part of Nathalie’s DNA. After a career in IT product sales, for 15 years she worked as an operational and transversal manager in sales, marketing and customer service departments.

Nathalie managed strategic and innovative programmes in services and retail networks by placing human contacts at the heart of the system.

She has enriched her career by coaching-based and individual-support training, and is a certified Transformance Pro coach who makes use of MBTI.
Convinced by her experience that being is always the driving force behind doing, Nathalie specialised in entrepreneurship in the fields of sales and managerial training and coaching. She joined Kreno Consulting to broaden her work to the human resources professions and to develop “personalised craftsman” support.

Today she works to encourage managers or their teams in their potential, to succeed in expected changes by reconciling economics and humanity via collective intelligence management. She brings coherence and dynamism to what exists, then transforms it progressively towards a genuine collaboration, and bring about the joint construction of the solutions for tomorrow.