Sylvie Morel

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After studying as a chemical engineer, Sylvie worked for almost twenty years in sales and managerial positions in French and international groups operating in B2C and B2B retailing.

Strongly attracted to the HR consulting environment, she worked at a general headhunting firm, before deciding to join the Kreno Consulting team in 2006 in order to contribute to a global HR activity on issues such as:

  • Search & Selection of Talents (executives & middle management)
  • Organisation efficiency audits
  • Assessment centre coordination
  • Skills development

With her sense of commitment, Sylvie shows the tenacity required on a daily basis to help her achieve the goals fixed with her clients. She has retained the pragmatism and reactivity of her background in marketing and sales, as well as the firm orientation towards results.

Sylvie has an open personality, full of curiosity, and is driven by the discovery of the world and people. With her passion for human relationships and the importance she gives to creating a climate of trust, Sylvie embodies such values as discovery, curiosity, adaptation and extending personal limits.